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As we embark on a new year (a new decade in fact!) here at The Secret Life of Skin we are eagerly awaiting what the year has in store for us – and the skin microbiome. Research and development into the skin microbiome will continue to go from strength to strength. We for one cannot wait to see what will unfold throughout the year, and we are not the only ones. The skin microbiome is tipped as a key trend in the beauty sphere – Harper’s Bazaar are predicting microbial skincare to become increasingly sophisticated.

As we brace ourselves for a busy year ahead, we want to take a moment to look back at our most popular articles of 2019.

1. The Gut-Skin axis

Erica explores the relationship between the gut microbiome and skin health, and even the skin microbiome itself. Delving into the science between this growing area of research, Erica provides an insightful and accessible overview of the gut-skin axis. A must read for anyone looking for an overview of the topic – and even top nutritional tips to help support the gut microbiome and the quest for healthy skin.

2. How ‘tasty’ are you to those pesky mosquitoes?

A short article by the editorial team at The Secret Life of Skin unpicking why some people are simply more attractive than others to the pesky mosquito. A quick read that also shows the promise that this area of research has for the transmission of diseases such as malaria.

3. Acne and the life and survival of its most prominent bacteria

First published in August, this long-read busts several myths around the causes of acne – and the bacteria previously thought to be the cause. Firstly, looking at the role of bacteria in acne before analyzing the effectiveness of a number of the therapies used to treat inflammatory acne, it really is the science behind skin care.

4. The Jekyll and Hyde skin microbiome

For many years, bacteria were labelled as “bad” – particularly when it came to skin care. As our understanding around the microbiome has evolved, so has the realization that in fact “good” and “bad” bacteria is a misnomer. This article explores the dual personalities that bacteria can exhibit, showing that – like many of us – they have good days and bad days.

5. Eczema: Getting under the skin of the condition

Eczema can be an agonising skin condition – particularly during periods of flare-ups. While the link between eczema and the skin microbiome is being explored, we interviewed renowned dermatologist, Dr Aron, to really get under the skin of the condition. A must read for anyone who has eczema – and interesting for those that don’t!

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