Is probiotic sportswear the next big thing?

There are many ways to fight body odor.  Some of us turn to products or change our diet. Others seek more drastic treatments to combat sweat, but did you know there’s a surprising new option – probiotic sportswear.


Clothing is the latest in the ongoing battle against BO.


A revolutionary bodysuit designed by London’s Central Saint Martins University graduate, Rosie Broadhead, integrates live healthy probiotic bacteria within its fibers. When activated by sweat, the sportswear reduces body odor, encourages cell renewal and improves the immune system[1].


It’s not the sweat on our bodies that causes body odor. It is in fact the release of certain chemicals by bacteria. (For more information on body odor, take a read of our blog by Professor Markus Egert). To combat unwanted aromas and bacteria this innovative bodysuit focuses on the introduction of healthy bacteria into the garment.


For years, we have been ingesting and incorporating probiotics into our skin care. The introduction of probiotics into our clothing is the next exciting development in the area.

[1] Dezeen – Rosie Broadhead weaves bacteria into clothing fibres to create a second skin


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