The inglorious microbook of Genesis, unchained

Have you ever thought about the millions of microorganisms that colonize the human body? How and when were they were created? In a creative essay, Senior Scientist at DSM, Rainer Voegeli hypothesizes how microbes came to be and how they colonized all living things on our planet.

Recounting the creation theory but with a twist as God creates micros on the fifth day. However as the hypothetical scenario goes, the micros weren’t satisfied, thus man and woman was created to meet the micros’ needs. For the micros the whole earth was under their dominion – this displeased God and a new world was created where micros live in symbiotic peace and harmony with people.

This imaginative essay highlights the importance of micros in supporting our skin and the need to properly take care of the micros that colonize our skin. Read the full essay here: (£)

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