Happy gut microbiome, happy skin?

It has been well established that there is a link between our skin and gut microbiome. So, does a happy gut really mean happy skin?

Increasingly, the science is saying yes. We have collated a number of our favourite studies that show the undeniable link between gut and skin health.

One recent study found that a higher number of individuals with rosacea tested positive for small intestine bacteria overgrowth (SIBO). Patients with and without rosacea underwent lactulose and glucose breath tests to understand the presence of SIBO. The eradication of SIBO induced almost complete regressions of their skin defects for up to 9 months.[1]

gut microbiomeResearchers have also found that taking probiotics orally can help reduce skin conditions – Lactobacillus rhamnosus TB has been shown to help with the effects of childhood eczema. To test this, children were given 300mg to 500mg standardised Lactobacillus rhamnosus cell lysate daily and it was found there was an increase in their quality of life thanks to the decline in skin symptoms and irritation. [2]

There’s a strong link between psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). After looking at the gene patterns of tens of thousands of people with serious autoimmune diseases, scientists are finding that the same problem genes can be responsible for inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis as inflammatory bowel disease.[3]

So, it seems the evidence is stacking up to show how important it is to keep your gut microbiome healthy in order to make your skin happier!

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