Hear all about it: What is the latest news on the skin microbiome?

We wanted to share the latest news with you that has inspired us and captured our attention over the past couple of months, covering everything from the latest skin care trends to recent research that is hitting the headlines.

Any frequent readers will know, we are always tapping into the latest debates, thinking and news on the skin microbiome and related skin issues. We have collated the top picks from our recent reads, with a focus this month on how the research underway is changing the consumer skincare landscape.

We hope that you are both inspired, entertained and educated.

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Is this the end of body odour?

The Telegraph (£)

Have you ever heard about Dr Armpit?

Microbiologist Dr Christopher Callewaert is at the frontlines of the latest scientific developments behind body odour.

Matt Smith interviews Callewaert, who recounts his journey to becoming ‘Dr. Armpit’ and his research on body odour to identify different types of human scent and their relationship with bacteria. The article even speculates whether one can ‘catch’ body odour from intimate contact with another human…

We would definitely recommend having a good whiff of this one.

New Jersey makes Streptomyces griseus its official state microbe

The Scientist 

At the beginning of May, Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill naming Streptomyces griseus the state of New Jersey’s official microbe. Streptomyces grieus is the bacteria that produces the antibiotic streptomycin, which is used to treat tuberculosis and it helped to lower the death rate in the US to 9 per 100,000 in 1955. After being found in New Jersey soil, it is no wonder that this bacteria is getting the recognition it deserves!

Currently, Oregon is the only other state with an official state microbe, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Illinois may even have their own state microbe later this year, so could this be an emerging trend?

Mouse model validates how ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria affect acne

Science Daily

For the first time, an animal model has been developed that closely resembles human acne. This novel model has allowed researchers to directly compare ‘good’ and ‘bad’ strains of P.acnes bacteria in a way that is more relevant to the human condition.

It’s worth noting that this research covered in Science Daily has introduced new possibilities for targeted treatments and vaccines when it comes to human acne.

The new reasons why your skin needs a probiotic…just like your gut

The Telegraph (£)

 This article from early May, considers what is needed for healthy skin. It discusses the damage that can be caused from keeping your skin squeaky-clean.

Research from MIT has revealed that removing all microorganisms from the skin can leave it more susceptible to other issues, for example, using wipes can strip the skin of its natural oils and compromises your acid mantle. A topic we have written about previously…

The Role of Every-Day Cosmetics in Altering the Skin Microbiome: A Study Using Biodiversity


 There has been a lot of coverage in recent months regarding synthetic chemical ingredients that cause damage to our skin microbiome. An exciting study by Christopher Wallen-Russell aimed to address the speculation around the connection of modern-day synthetic materials and skin health.

The benchmark study indicated a link between the synthetic ingredients in cosmetic products and the effects these have on the skin microbiome. Paving the way for future studies on the connection between synthetic ingredients and skin health. end

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