Honey, its healthy

Did you know, honey is perceived to be one of the healthiest natural natural skincare ingredients. The fascinating contribution from Vivienne Rudd, Director of Innovation & Insight at Mintel sparked our intrigue in how we think about the products we use in our day to day skin care.Honey pot on table

If you haven’t already read it (and we highly recommend you do – it’s available here) it provides an overview of the consumer sentiment around key natural ingredients found in the skincare products we use on a daily basis.

Honey came out trumps. 

US women believe that honey is the most healthy natural ingredient, when compared to coconut oil, cocoa butter, probiotics, jojoba oil and charcoal.

This got us thinking about the wider remedies passed down through the generations. From Cleopatra bathing in milk to baking soda and turmeric – where did these ingredients come from, and how would they fair against the trusted honey?

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